About Us

Jennifer Miller began her dance toward national and international success in stationery with a surprisingly small first step. She wanted to give personal Christmas gifts to her extended, and very large, family. So began a stationery business - in an understated extra room at her home in the country among the pine forests of Southeast Louisiana.

What started out so humbly and with such personal care has grown exponentially into Osborne & Miller Stationery, a boutique company that has provided stationery and writing elements to retail stores from New Orleans to Dubai, to celebrities from Molly Sims to Dustin Hoffman and Spike Lee, to weddings in backyards and Cathedrals, to web orders from Abbeville, LA to Hong Kong, to baby play dates and the Academy Awards’ Oscar gift basket. All this achieved without sacrificing one ounce of that personal touch and detailed care with which Jennifer began her journey.

Osborne & Miller Stationery, established in 1999, has built a reputation for providing unique, creative, high quality stationery and writing elements to retailers large and small, private clients, high profile media events, and world renowned charitable organizations. While striving to maintain unmatched customer service, Osborne & Miller Stationery has become a highly respected company called upon by even the most discriminating clients, international retailers and exclusive events.